Muscle Relaxants


Product B - $12 per unit

  • Forehead & Cranky Frown Lines, 20- 30 Units            $240 - $360

  • Crow’s feet, 16 units                                                       $192

  • Jaw clenching/square jaw, 20- 30 units                       $240 - $360

Areas which can also be treated:

Bunny lines (lines across the bridge of the nose formed by crinkling the nose)

 Mouth frown (drooped corners of the mouth),

 Chin, (popply chin)

Upper lip (smoker’s lines)

Gummy smile (showing too much of the upper gum when smiling)

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)


Product D - $3.50 per unit

  • Forehead and cranky frown, 40-50 units                      $160-$200

  • Crow’s feet 40 units                                                        $160

All other areas can also be treated. Price available on request


Dermal Fillers

Price is for 1ml of a premium product, the amount required is established following consultation with our Doctor.

1ml $400 – $595 depending on the type of filler used and area treated



Fat Dissolving Treatment

“No more Double Chins”

All patients are required first to book in with Dr Bullock for a “chin chat” to ensure that they are suitable for the treatment.

  • 2 Treatments x 2 Vials $2800

  • 3 Treatments x 2 Vials $3900

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