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We use the Beaute Pacifique & ASAP skin care products ranges. 



Beaute Pacifique & ASAP are the two highest quality scientifically tested skin care product ranges available in Australia. 




To optimise the effects of skin treatments here at the clinic, there are a few things you can be doing at home to achieve the perfect skin. These take-home products allow you to prevent and repair imperfections of the skin and enhance the results of your treatments. 

Beaute Pacifique: 

  • Sun Care

  • Cleaning & Scrubs

  • Eyes

  • Anti-Aging & Moisturises (Day)

  • Anti-Aging & Moisturises (Night)

  • Body & Hands 


  • Cleanse + Exfoliate

  • Hydrate + Restore

  • Prevent + Correct

  • Protect + Hydrate

  • Smooth + Treat

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Beaute Pacifique Skincare Products Newcastle7
Beaute Pacifique Skincare Products Newcastle2
Beaute Pacifique Skincare Products Newcastle4
Beaute Pacifique Skincare Products Newcastle6
Beaute Pacifique Skincare Products Newcastle5
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ASAP Skincare Range: 



The secret to good skin is to cleanse, exfoliate dead skin cells from the outer layer each day and protect from the sun. The four products in the ASAP range are specifically designed to ensure these vital skin care rules are achieved.

  • Scientifically formulated

  • Suitable for all skin types – oily, normal, dry, combination and ideal for teenagers.

  • Contains AHA Glycolic Acid naturally derived from sugar cane.​


The benefits are:

  • Loosening and invisibly removing dead skin cells results in increased cell turnover and younger, fresher looking skin.

  • Smoother textured skin.

  • Stimulates new collagen growth reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.




Beauté Pacifique:

Beaute Pacifique is a Danish company founded back in 1997 by former Novo engineers Flemming K. Christensen and Gunnar Svendsen. The company owners also own another corporation called Cortex Technology which develops and produces advanced medical electronic equipment for skin diagnostics.


It is this knowledge and experience that led to the development and creation of Beauté Pacifique.


Beauté Pacifique is skincare that especially helps reduce age degeneration and sun damage in the entire depth of the skin.

The Beauté Pacifique line currently consists of 48 products within the category of derma-cosmetic cosmeceuticals. Dermacosmetic means beauty care which always fulfils the cosmetic (directive) but the effects border between cosmetics and medical remedies.

Beaute Pacifique products are designed for the face and the body and are suitable for both young and mature skin. Beauté Pacifique's A-vitamin products reduce age degeneration, sun damage and stretch marks.


As the only one of its kind the A-vitamin cream “Crème Métamorphique” is capable of penetrating to the lower parts of the skin. It is proven in an independent double blinded, placebo-controlled Danish study which was carried out by Professor Peter Bjerring at the dermatological department at Marselisborg Hospital. The study showed that the cream, after only five days treatment, strengthens the skin’s elastic fibre structure.


Age degeneration will be reduced to an extent where it can be seen both by the naked eye and with an advanced Medical Ultrasound DermaScan Machine. The DermaScan tracks the changes within the skin from the surface across the entire depth, showing dermal fibre density (where organised collagen is found) these can all be recorded on to the DermaScan Machine. The treatment with the cream causes the skin’s structure to rejuvenate significantly improving the skin's characteristics such as strength, thickness, texture and resilience. 

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