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I Don’t Want My Lip Injections To Look Fake!

Natural Lip Injections

Despite the Kardashian’s and many others loving a fuller faker looking pout, some of us want to avoid the obvious and superficial look, staying well clear of duck lips.

For many of us, thinning lips are one of the most noticeable signs of aging in our face. What was once a youthful pout may be deflated over time. So while we don’t desire the full lips that we never had, we yearn for a plumping that looks natural and subtle, yet noticeable enough to make a difference in your overall facial appearance.

Now, with that goal in mind, here are our tips for achieving that subtle increase in lip real estate.

Invest in a Qualified & Experienced Injector:

This is your body, so you have to remember to make sure it is in safe hands.

If you’re a first timer, you will need to book a consultation before your lip injectable treatment for the doctor to provide you with the derma filler injection script.

When looking for a clinic, be sure to ask specifically the name and qualifications of the doctor who will be prescribing your script as well as the name and qualifications of the person who will be doing the injecting.

Pick a clinic with a qualified injector who will actually take the time to listen to your exact desires. A qualified injector with plenty of experience under their belt will know exactly how to reach your desired lip shape.

Unfortunately, there are many salons, spas and other non-medical businesses now offering cosmetic injections WITHOUT QUALIFIED PRACTITIONERS!! So you must ask to ensure that a Medical Doctor or Registered Nurse (RN) will be injecting.

Another warning sign of a not-so-caring clinic is if the initial consultation feels rushed and rehearsed. Every single person and their lips are different, so the initial consult really should be very personalised and address all of your questions and concerns. If you don’t feel comfortable with the initial consultation run for the hills!

Quality product:

There are some different lip injectable products on the market. Ask your cosmetic clinic what products they offer and the different levels of quality for each of them. A quality product will last longer and have a smoother appearance. Although it will cost more than a lower quality filler, it will cost less over time.

In Australia, there are rules and regulations against marketing the specific brand name of the injectable products a clinic uses. So call the clinic to find out. Ask the clinic as many questions as possible about the products that they use, then do some research online yourself to confirm. You will usually find that the big chain clinics use a weaker almost “watered down” version of the products to encourage more frequent repeat visits, but the smaller boutique clinics use a higher quality product and require less frequent repeat visits.

Amount & Technique:

You don’t need a lot of product to make a difference. Plus, you can always top-up later. An experienced quality injector in a clinic with a culture of nurturing their patients will take the time to use the microscopic injecting technique which allow the injector to give better, more precise results. This means more injections but smaller volume in each injection, for a much more even and natural effect. It is a more time-consuming technique so it is often slightly more costly, but it makes a HUGE impact in the results. It is the difference between the time and care that boutique clinics will put in over your “supermarket” chain clinics.

The finished results:

Due to the care that an experienced injector takes, you will almost never see any bruising. Instead you will be left with a subtle lip enhancement that looks as natural as possible. There is usually a bit of swelling prior to the injections and potentially a bit of bleeding. For a few days later your lips will feel slightly firm and tight, so keep your lips moisturised with lip balm or pawpaw and that feeling will subside in a couple of days. Then you can enjoy your new confidence boost! A beautiful enhanced pout without going overboard.

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