How to Deal with Rosacea in Men

Tiny red pimples starting to appear? Small red veins emerging? Uncontrollable redness on your face? You could be a man suffering from Rosacea (ro-zay-sha). Rosacea can be commonly confused with acne, but these two conditions are quite different in comparison. But alas gents! There are ways to treat rosacea and prevent it from occurring again. We do encourage though that you see your local GP about it or a dermatologist, or even us! Just so you can get a professional opinion on how to proceed.


There is not one exact cause of Rosacea, there are many differing factors which can contribute to an outbreak of the skin condition; however it can be quite common in Caucasian men. These factors can include but are not limited to:

  • Emotional triggers such as stress, anxiety or fear.

  • Weather factors such as wind, varying humidity or sun exposure.

  • Other triggers that have been linked to a rosacea outbreak which include exercise, alcohol, smoking and even spicy food.

Things you can do yourself to help prevent Rosacea

There are a few methods you can utilize in order help prevent another outbreak. It is recommended to keep a food journal and record what you eat and compare it to when you have a breakout. Make sure you limit the use of facial products that come into contact with the skin as they may have harmful chemicals that cause a flare up.

If the sun is a main trigger then try to stay out of the direct sun as much as possible, if that is not feasible then make sure to apply sunscreen. However, be sure to use a healthy organic sunscreen to ensure the skin is not further irritated by harmful chemicals.

Shaving with Rosacea

You may have already noticed that using razor blades can irritate the skin, especially if it has more than one blade. The extra blades rubbing against the skin can create more resistance and therefore aggravate the skin. Hence, the best option is to use an electric shaver. This decreases irritation and hopefully prevents more outbreaks when shaving. However, if you must use a razor and shaving cream, avoid products that lather or foam. Go for one that is organic and a natural shaving cream and you should find better results.

Natural Treatments for Rosacea

Hydration and cleansing is key when treating rosacea, but the thing to remember when doing it is to be gentle. The most important factors are making sure you use natural products, meaning a natural face wash and natural moisturiser; if they are organic as well – bonus! Hydrators that occur natural include aloe-vera and even coconut butter. Coconut butter contains Vitamin-E and has been found to be super effective as it treats the skin while being soothing to the irritation and inflamed area.

Medical Treatments for Rosacea

If natural treatments are not being as successful for as you would of hoped, there are other avenues in the way of medical treatments. The main one we will look at and what we offer here at Newcastle Cosmetic Medicine is a Laser Genesis treatment.

Laser Genesis treatment involves using the Genesis Laser to gently warm the area below the skin, which we refer to as the upper dermis. This allows the redness to dissipate which allow the skin to return to its normal colour and health. The treatment works by the laser using heat to break down damaged capillaries in the dermis, which allows trapped blood to be re-absorbed by the body and reduce the redness on the top surface of the skin. The treatment times take around 20-30 minutes, so it could be completed in your lunch break! Be sure to check out our before and after photos on our website to see a visual example.


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