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The ageing process inevitably brings about changes that affect how people feel about their appearance. We all have something that we dislike about our face, whether it’s the start of cranky frown lines and lines around the mouth, thinning lips or sun damage.

Although there are surgical solutions to these problems, temporary treatments can often be as effective in reducing some of the signs of facial ageing that bother most people.

Using fillers to replace the volume loss that occurs as we age, especially in the midface region, is now commonplace. Correcting the hollowing and dark circles under the eyes, increasing the prominence of the cheek bone areas and lifting the outside edges of the eyebrows are all part of the trend towards total facial rejuvenation.

To combine anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and other available treatments is an art form. With skill in the correct hands, these treatments can produce subtle natural-looking results which rejuvenate the appearance of the face and even postpone the need for surgery.

Dr. David Bullock

Dr David Bullock is a qualified General Practitioner having previously been a sole practitioner in Newcastle, and now head of a busy three-doctor practice for a period of 10 years. Dr Bullock graduated from Bristol University, England in 1978, before working in New Zealand hospitals and then moving to Australia in 1984. Dr Bullock began Cosmetic medicine in 2000, achieving the qualification of Fellow of the Faculty of Medicine of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. He annually attends the Australian Cosmetic Medicine Conference and regularly participates in advanced training courses, keeping abreast of new products and emerging techniques. Dr Bullock has recently been appointed as a ‘Total Facial Rejuvenation Clinic’ injector. Dr Bullock was one of the first doctors in Australia to be enrolled into this program. The program involves Dr Bullock participating in one-on-one training with overseas and Australian specialist injectors, to keep him educated in the most recent and advanced techniques. The program allows him to discuss all the treatment possibilities and options that are available to patients globally. Dr Bullock is regularly asked to contribute articles to Cosmetic Surgery magazine regarding current trends in treatment. Most importantly, Dr Bullock takes the time to understand what most concerns his clients about their appearance and works with them to achieve a fresher, more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Lusia Robinson

Senior Consultant
Lusia is generally the first point of contact when you call the Newcastle Cosmetic Medicine Centre. Lusia is trained to answer all of your cosmetic enquiries and has a full knowledge of all products available at NCMC. Lusia is also trained in Microdermabrasion and the application of Jane Iredale Mineral Products to compliment your fresh new look.

Grania Howard RN

Grania is our Laser Operator with a wealth of experience in the cosmetic laser field. Grania specialises in Pearl & Pearl Fractional lasering for wrinkles, lines and acne scarring, ND–YAG for red veins and diffuse redness (including Rosacea & Melasma) and Programmable IPL for both dark and light pigment caused by sun damage, using the most advanced technology. She is a registered nurse who has been working with Cosmetic Lasers for over 10 years.